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Just for Holistic Practitioners, Coaches, and Heart-based Entrepreneurs:

“Give Us Just 2 Days and You’ll Learn
the Essential Heart-Based Strategies
to ATTRACT Clients You Love and

From: Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs
Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Dear Holistic Practitioner, Coach, or Heart-based Entrepreneur,

Do you wish you had more clients?

Are you ready to make a bigger difference and make more money… without burning out?

Maybe you have a dream to help more people… but you barely have enough clients to pay the bills...

Maybe you’re working a job you hate and wish you could make a great living doing what you love…

Or maybe your practice flip flops from not enough clients to too many clients... and the uncertainty is burning you out.

“If you’re ready to have a thriving practice that MORE THAN JUST PAYS YOUR BILLS and allows you to MAKE A BIGGER DIFFERENCE…you’ve come to the right place”

We’ve taught thousands and thousands of holistic practitioners and coaches a proven heart-based system that has supported them to get clients immediately.

If you give us just 2 Days, we’ll teach you this system as well.

But before we tell you all about this powerful weekend we’d love to share our story with you.

“Serving Thousands of Clients Has Changed Our Lives”

When we were growing up, we only hoped that life would turn out this good.

Our dream business has allowed us to:
  • Hire a Personal Chef who cooks us gourmet, scrumptious organic food

  • Get massages and bodywork twice a week

  • Take fun, rejuvenating vacations

  • Contribute to women living in
    poverty in 3rd World Countries
    with Microloans

  • Make the difference we know
    we’re here to make!

Sharla & Jesse in St. Lucia

Here we are on our Romantic 14 Day Honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Now, we're not sharing about our life to brag.

Instead, we hope to inspire you to see that the life you want to create for yourself IS POSSIBLE.

“You can attract lots of clients AND have a great life”

“But this isn’t where our story begins...”

To be honest, we know what it’s like to have a huge desire to make a difference and not have enough clients to pay the bills.

Sharla’s Story:

When I (Sharla) started my acupuncture and coaching practice years ago, I was $80,000 in debt and didn't know anything about getting clients. I remember crying to my first coach that nobody could afford $200 per month for coaching. And I hated selling my services. Whenever I used to try to promote myself, it was as if I turned into this totally different person that didn’t feel at all like me.

I always felt like the least successful person whenever I went to any of those networking events and left feeling disappointed and overwhelmed.

At one point I got fed up. I realized that I was put on this Earth to make a difference and that there must be a graceful, heart-based way to become wildly successful.

So, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to find the right mentors and learn the key principles to building my practice in a way that was congruent with MY values. Most importantly, I committed to stretching and growing MYSELF so I could be living my mission and making the difference I was put here to make.

Through the help of a practice-building coaching program, I learned how to talk with clients about my services. Within 3 months I tripled my income to nearly $5,000 per month and started paying off my debt. This was just the beginning. The following year we earned 6-figures…

Photo of Sharla Leading at Leverage Your Genius

Here’s Sharla leading one of our Advanced Programs

Jesse’s Story:

My (Jesse's) story is a little different. When I was 16 years old, I started attending as many workshops, meditations and healing sessions as I could… I traveled the US by greyhound bus trying to find myself… 10 years later, I had experienced almost every healing modality known to man...

It was time to take my wisdom and pay it forward.

When I started my coaching practice, I knew I had found my calling and started telling everyone I could help them live the life of their dreams. The problem was that even though I knew I could really help people, I couldn’t get them to see that and I couldn’t get paying clients.

Although I tried to think positive, I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me that nobody saw that I could help them. After a year of struggling, I gave up on my dream and took a full-time job.

It was fantastic… for the first 3 days. But each month that passed, I became more and more catatonic. Rather than finding a way to live my purpose, I went in for more healing sessions...

What made it worse was that I watched Sharla’s story unfold before my eyes… I saw her struggle, and instead of taking a “secure” job, she joined a coaching program and immediately tripled her practice.

I wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but I was jealous… until one day I woke up and realized that “If Sharla can do It, I can do it too.”

So, that evening I hired a coach and started attending business seminars. Although they were thousands of dollars, they were worth it because they gave me the practice building tools I was missing. I realized that there was nothing wrong with me… I was just missing information.

3 months later, I quit my job. It was the last job I’ve ever had. Soon after, I got 16 coaching clients in one month.

But, living in Santa Cruz, Sharla and I saw a lot of our friends (who were coaches and holistic practitioners) struggling to get clients. We saw their desire to help people… and we saw that there were tons of people who needed their help… it’s just that our friends were missing the tools to get the clients…

So we decided to dedicate our lives to making sure that Coaches and Holistic Practitioners had all of the support and tools they needed to be successful.

Photo of Jesse Leading an RYP

Jesse leading the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive

Together, we developed the Heartselling™ Model into the powerful client magnet tool it is today. This system has become a movement: a new paradigm that teaches you how to make money in a heart-based way.

We feel so blessed to teach the world’s most heartfelt people (that’s YOU!) how to earn 6 figures in their business while staying true to their values.

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“The Biggest Thing We Learned…”

After working with thousands of holistic practitioners and coaches we’ve discovered a very disempowering myth.

The myth is that if you just get better at what you do, the clients will come. So, if you don’t have as many clients as you want, you must not be good enough.

Believing this myth will have you investing thousands more dollars in learning modality after modality. And getting further into debt without having the real keys you need to build your practice.

What’s missing is a whole new set of skills. Heart-Based Strategies that will allow you attract clients immediately. It starts with learning Heartselling™ (not hard selling.)

“The more clients you have, the quicker this world becomes a better place”

The problem is that most holistic practitioners and coaches are great at helping people but find it difficult to get clients.

That’s where we come in… and we’d like YOU to be our partner in this… where YOU having more clients means more love and safety in the world…

“And we have a proven, heart-based system that can help you get clients immediately”

Once you get these tools, there’s NO LIMIT to the number of people you can help and the amount of money you can make.

Like how it was for Cammi:

Image of Cammi Monteith

“My income went from $1,800 to $8,000 per month…”

Before I came to the Rejuvenate Your Practice™ 2 Day Intensive, I used to sit in my office and hope clients would miraculously come to me by referrals. If I did have a conversation with clients after they came, I would be so grateful that they trusted me and came to me, that I felt bad charging and would give them a huge discount on everything.

Then I took the Rejuvenate Your Practice™ 2 Day Intensive and I learned so much. I went from a 12’ x 12’ office and $1,800 per month to an office with four treatment rooms and between $8,000-9,000 per month in income.”

-Cammi Montieth, ND
Steamboat Springs, CO

But what if you think “Sell” is a 4-Letter Word?

cash imageWe get it. You want clients but you don’t want to be a pushy, obnoxious used car salesman.

Fortunately, selling your services in a pushy and obnoxious way doesn’t work. The most successful holistic practitioners are as heartfelt in their “selling conversations” as they are when they’re working with a client who is paying them.

That’s why we call our system Heartselling™ (not hard selling.)

But why can’t you just advertise?

Doesn’t hanging flyers, passing out business cards, and advertising in newspapers get you clients? While these strategies could help, they will not fill your practice, even if you wallpaper the town with your flyers.

Why? Because you are helping people heal and empower themselves and they need to know they can trust you…

And because you’re not the only holistic practitioner or coach in town… they can shop around and choose the one who they trust the most.

So, they want to talk with you… and how you conduct your conversation will determine whether they sign up with you or not.

So, it’s essential that you be open-hearted when you have conversations with potential clients.

But if an open heart was the only requirement to get clients, you’d probably have thousands of clients, right?

So why don't you?

Well, there are 6 skills that you need to master. If you’re missing any one of them, your conversations will lead to a lot of new friends but no new clients.

“What are the 6 Most Essential Skills That Will Help You Attract Clients Immediately?” you ask…

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Your “What You Do” Statement Needs to be Clear and Compelling
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Most Holistic Practitioners and Coaches share about what they do in a way that is either boring or confusing. They either go on and on and on and on… or they don’t say enough.

At the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, you’ll reinvent how you talk about what you do, so that your potential clients can’t wait to hear more.

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Your Clients Need to Talk Themselves into Working With You
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You may find yourself trying to talk your clients into working with you. (If so, your potential clients will feel your agenda and try to escape.)

Or you may find yourself listening to your potential clients complain about every aspect of your life, while you politely listen. (While you won’t have people fleeing you, this intention-less conversation can be draining and frustrating.)

At the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, you’ll learn the 5 Elements of Heartselling™. The 5 Elements support you to have effective, heartfelt conversations where your potential client will talk themselves into working with you (if your services are a good match for them). Once you learn how to use all 5 Elements to attract all the clients you want, you’ll create a thriving practice no matter where you live or what your modality is.

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You Need to Feel Great Sharing How Much You Charge
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Most holistic practitioners and coaches start stammering when they share how much they charge and usually undercharge for their services. Why should your potential clients value your services if you don’t?

At the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, you’ll learn to value your services more than ever. And over 85% of our participants give themselves a raise.

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You Need to Turn Half of your “I can’t afford it’s” into “YES!”
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Most Holistic Practitioners and Coaches give up when their potential client says “I can’t afford it.” In today’s economy, not knowing what to say when someone says “I can’t afford it” is business sabotage.

At the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, you’ll learn that “I can’t afford it” is the beginning of a new conversation, one that can be healing and empowering. We’ll teach you the 3 Magic Questions that without being pushy, will turn half of your “I can’t afford it’s” into “I can’t afford NOT to work with you…” In any economy.

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You Need to Dissolve The Biggest Belief That’s Sabotaging Your Practice
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If you don’t have as many clients as you want, you have at least one negative belief about yourself or your business that is holding you back from attracting more clients. It could be “I’m not good enough,” “people don’t want what I have,” or “if I get more clients I will burn out.”

When you leave the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, you will not only be inspired by the number of clients you’re about to attract, but you will dissolve your belief that is most holding you back from attracting clients.

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You Need to know the 5 Leverage Secrets to Make More Money with Less Effort and Help More People
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Most Holistic Practitioners and Coaches have a ceiling on their income. They trade time for dollars and live client to client. But what happens if you get sick, hurt, or just want to take time off? And are you willing to live client to client, 5, 10, 20, or 30 years from now?

At the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive, we’ll teach you the 5 Leverage Strategies to make more money with less effort and help more people.

To give you an example: in our first year of business, we made about $175,000 and nearly burned out because we were working 80 hour weeks.
Our third year, we made $732,000 and helped a lot more people. That year, we worked WAY less than our first year: we got married and went on several long vacations including our incredible honeymoon.

How did we do it? Come to the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive and we’ll share exactly how we did it.

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“So, What Will YOU get at theRejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive?”

Photo of Jesse Leading an RYP

You’ll get powerful client-attracting info (and some awesome new friends!)

You will learn how to:

Heart-shaped Bullet Make Your “What You Do” Statement Clear and Compelling

Heart-shaped Bullet Have Your Clients Talk Themselves into Working With You

Heart-shaped Bullet Feel Great Sharing How Much You Charge

Heart-shaped Bullet Turn Half of your “I can’t afford it’s” into “YES!”

Heart-shaped Bullet Dissolve The Biggest Belief That’s Sabotaging Your Practice

Heart-shaped Bullet Use Our 5 Leverage Secrets to Make More Money with Less Effort and Help More People

Heart-shaped Bullet And so much more!

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“Want to Hear What Other Practitioners and Coaches Have Said About This Workshop?”

This program will give you the exact tools you need to build your practice quickly. Like how it was for Sabrina, who got 16 new clients in just one course:

And how Rose Cole went from $45,000 per year to $250,000 per year:


Image of Serina

“Within a few days of using this program, I got 5 new clients from applying the principles, and it was easy and graceful. It's made such a difference in my attitude and manifested lots of abundance very quickly!”

—Serina Chiba, Bodyworker

Image of Jessica

“The Rejuvenate Your Practice™ 2 Day Intensive totally shifted deeply ingrained negative attitudes I have been holding for over 15 years. Now, I feel in true alignment with my personal sense of integrity when engaging in promoting my business... I finally feel able to be compensated fully for my work. Thank you! ”

— Jessica Van Hulle, Spiritual Channel

Photo of Raphael Rettner

“Awesome seminar. I have taken many chiropractic management courses and spent thousands of dollars. What you taught us this weekend... was the most essential information. Every [holistic practitioner] would benefit from what you have to teach.”

— Raphael Rettner, D.C

Image of Samantha Keller

“I no longer feel apprehension in speaking with people about my massage services”

“(After the workshop) I was powerfully moved by the change that occurred for me around selling my massage and speaking about what I do. I was inspired to approach my conversations with clients about my business as a healing conversation in which I was serving their highest good. I no longer feel apprehension in speaking with people about my massage services, but rather, look forward to the experience. I am grateful to Jesse and Sharla for teaching the art of selling from the heart.”

— Samantha Keller, CMT

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“Imagine All of the New Clients You'll Attract
once you learn these skills…”

And imagine all of the time and energy you'll save as you fill your practice with grace and ease.

We WISH this information had been available to us when we were just starting out. We would have saved so much time and stress. We did MANY things the HARD WAY and we want to save you the trouble.

Come to the Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive and you’ll save years of struggle by learning the SAME STRATEGIES that have helped thousands of other holistic practitioners and coaches attract clients immediately.

By now you are probably thinking “This sounds great, Jesse and Sharla, but how much does it cost?”

I’m curious, how much would it be worth to you to know that you could FILL YOUR PRACTICE and make the difference that The Universe put YOU here to make?

Hundreds, Thousands??? How about PRICELESS! HOW WILL YOU FEEL once you are finally building your thriving heart-based business?

We've spent thousands of dollars on business building seminars that don’t come close to sharing the ESSENTIAL information you’ll get at this workshop designed just for Holistic Practitioners and Coaches.

Many people have paid $997 to attend this workshop. But we’re not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this 2-Day Intensive.

“Instead, we’re going to give you the opportunity to Apply for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to any upcoming Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive.”

What this 2-Day Intensive is All About:

85-90% of your Rejuvenate Your Practice 2-Day Intensive is devoted to giving you everything you need to immediately go out and get more clients. You’ll get tools, insights, and breakthroughs that will blow you away. This weekend stands alone and is the foundation of your 6-Figure Practice.

The other 10-15% of the weekend is devoted to sharing ways that you can continue learning and growing in our community through our advanced programs. There are no strings attached, and no pressure to sign up for our advanced programs.

And, we’ve been blessed. Thousands of Holistic Practitioners and Coaches have come to this weekend and more than enough of them have signed up for our advanced programs.

We love this model, in order to have a thriving business, we have no choice but to deliver great content and value at the weekend.

Most people live their life with no urgency.

But, it is because of holistic practitioners and coaches like you that I am here today. If they had chosen to stay in their comfort zones instead of live their life’s purpose, my life would be darker and I wouldn’t have been able to change the lives of thousands of people.

Just like they changed my life, THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU TO CHANGE THEIRS…they need your gifts, your wisdom, your way of working with people. All you need is the tools to reach them.

There’s a reason that teen suicide has risen by 400% in the last 30 years. They’re not getting the support from the adults because the adults are struggling. They need what you’ve got, and they need it urgently.

We want to help you reach YOUR PEOPLE, the clients who are waiting to receive your gifts.

If you really want to grow a full, thriving practice where you’re making more money and making a bigger difference, then you have come to the perfect place. ...then we want to give you a reason to sign up right away. YOUR PEOPLE are waiting for you. And once you get these tools, you’ll be delighted with the number of clients you’ll be able to attract.

These 2 Day Intensives often SELL OUT well in advance.

If you are ready to easily attract new clients, use this link to apply for a FULL SCHOLARSHIP now.

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Isn't it Time You Finally Built a Thriving Practice?

Now, your schedule may be clear and you may be ready to register. Or, you may have to rearrange your schedule to be there. Either way, we have to ask you, “Isn't it worth one weekend of your life to learn the ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES to having a SUCCESSFUL Heart-based business?” In only 2 days you will gain what took us years to learn.

See you at the weekend?

Love and Prosperity,

Image of Sharla and Jesse
Sharla's Signature
Jesse & Sharla

PS: Don't miss an AMAZING weekend where you’ll learn how to HELP MORE PEOPLE and MAKE MORE MONEY. Click here to apply for a Full Scholarship.

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